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When looking at recovery residences in Asheville NC, you want to find a place that’s fully staffed with men who not only understand the challenges of getting clean and sober, but also practice a solid program of recovery. Men who walk the talk.

Real Recovery is just such a recovery residence. The founders of Real Recovery, Kevin Short and Dana Rider, met years ago in a 12-step program where they were facing many of the challenges newly recovering addicts deal with on a daily basis. They also shared a common dream: They envisioned a recovery residence for men where the staff really cared about the residents. A place that was full of joy and love of life; a place that teaches that recovery is not the end of life, but the beginning of a fabulous journey.

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Not Just a House, but aSober Living Home

If you or someone you love has struggled with addiction, you realize how much effort it’s taken to get this far. A safe haven on the road to recovery can help in that process. When it’s time to move into the next phase of recovery, a recovery residence for men can make all the difference in maintaining sobriety and learning how to become a productive member of society. To help with the transition that’s often said to be halfway between recovery and complete independence, many facilities recommend Real Recovery.

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Our Facilities:

The Dream HouseThe River House

An Urban Recovery Residence

Real Recovery offers young men, ages 18 to 28, a place to call home. Residents undergo an intensive interview and evaluation process to find out if they are a good fit for the house. This process is important because Real Recovery is a sober house that is very specifically designed to provide an atmosphere of recovery for like-minded men with a strong desire to succeed.

Real Recovery is located in Asheville, North Carolina, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It’s also centered in the city, just on the edge of the bustling downtown. Recovering addicts get to experience the outdoors as they’ve never seen them and learn how to navigate the temptations of the city while staying clean and sober.

Real Recovery truly offers the best of both worlds. Contact us now for an interview that could lead to lasting changes.

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Freedom From Addiction

Freedom from addiction means more than just putting down the drugs and alcohol. It is a process that involves changing attitudes, overcoming fears and self-centered needs, conquering obsession and becoming a productive member of society. It takes a strong support system to make this journey. Through Real Recovery and the support found in this halfway house for men, a ready-made team is on-hand to help through every single day, whenever needed.

Recovering men at Real Recovery attend a minimum of five 12-step meetings per week. They can choose from a wide variety of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in the Asheville area. Meetings are a requirement for Real Recovery residents because the 12 steps form the foundation of lasting recovery that will continue to work even after leaving the sober living homes.

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To sustain sobriety and help create a full, prosperous life; Real Recovery also provides :

  • Daily meditation - Every morning at 8:30, the men participate in a short meditation, a practice found to be extremely valuable in recovery.
  • Nightly wind-downs - The young men gather each night to discuss their days, laugh together, and talk about the challenges they faced.
  • Sunday dinner - In order to promote a family atmosphere, they gather every Sunday to enjoy a home-cooked meal with friends, family members, and each other.
  • House meetings - Everyone, including the staff and the residents, are held accountable through weekly Monday house meetings.
  • Academic and job support - Residents must hold a job, or attend classes to live at Real Recovery. The principle of self-support is an important piece of a solid recovery program.
  • Random and frequent drug and alcohol screening. The men feel safe knowing that the staff has their backs, and no mind or mood-altering substances are being used in this sober living home.

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Choose Life

When making the decision to live at one of the halfway houses in Asheville, NC. that really stands out; Real Recovery is that place. Residents can expect to have fun and adventure right along with the soul-searching, and inspirational moments that come with living clean and sober. A halfway house for men only, has certain advantages that guys fully appreciate and acknowledge. In a brotherhood, strong bonds develop that reinforce the goals of sober living.

Dana Rider is a certified wilderness therapy guide. The men at Real Recovery benefit greatly from his outdoor knowledge and guidance. In fact, many who live in the Real Recovery halfway house for men have made enormous breakthroughs to discover their spirituality while out in nature. While participating in wilderness trips, the men furthermore develop a sense of trust and community. All outdoor excursions are part of the amenities offered through the house. At any given time they might experience:

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When it comes to sober living homes, Real Recovery has it all. Residents are surrounded by a caring group of like-minded men who understand newcomers and want to help in their recovery. The young men who live at Real Recovery sober living homes reside in comfort in one of the fabulously cool houses that sits on the edge of the French Broad River, right near downtown Asheville. Together, they will laugh, cry, learn, and build lasting relationships with other men who are clean and sober. And most of all, they’ll learn how to be happy and enjoy a newfound freedom from the deadly grip of alcohol and drug addiction. Please contact us for a tour and take the next step on the road called recovery.

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