Our Sober Living Team Lives Recovery Every Day

Meet the sober living team behind the dream. Real Recovery began with a mission to raise the bar in structured sober living. Our founders built the program they wish existed when they were searching for their own recovery. Everyone at Real Recovery today shares this same vision.

Sober Living Team

Zach Miller, BS, CSAC
Program Director

Zach was the first client to walk through Real Recovery’s doors in 2009. He experienced problems with drugs and alcohol throughout his childhood and at 17, he joined the US Coast Guard as a way to run away from his issues. While there, Zach studied Finance and worked at the US Coast Guard Finance Center. However, after completing four years in the Coast Guard, he realized that his issues with addiction were still present. He went through multiple treatments until he found himself in Asheville, NC, where he met Real Recovery’s founder at a local 12-step meeting. From that moment, he knew his calling was to help others.

After five months of being sober, Zach started working at a behavior wilderness program for troubled adolescents, where he learned that life was the greatest classroom. This led him to take a job as a senior guide at one of the top adult wilderness rehabs. Zach obtained his CSAC (Certified Substance Abuse Counselor) in 2013 and has graduated with a BS. He is currently enrolled in his second year at Wake Forest University in their clinical mental health counseling master’s program. Zach joined the sober living team as the Program Director, meaning he oversees all Real Recovery programs, including traditional, MAT Program and outpatient Services. He views the main responsibility of his position as creating a safe and fun environment for young men striving for sobriety that is supported by clinical services through continuity of care.

Sober Living Team

George Mattfeld
House Manager

George Mattfeld was born in Voorheesville, NY and is the youngest of six children. His father was a wildlife biologist who shared his love and respect for the outdoors with all of his children. His passion led George to attend North Country Community College, in the heart of Adirondack Mountains, where he majored in Wilderness Recreation and Outdoor Leadership.

After college, George’s drug addiction took complete control and almost cost him his life on several occasions. Knowing something had to change, he moved to South Florida and has devoted the last four years of his life to staying sober and helping other alcoholics and drug addicts. This devotion to helping others and his love of the outdoors eventually landed him in Asheville working with the sober living team at Real Recovery.

Sober Living Team

Mathew Lear
Program Assistant

Mat was born and raised in Florida. Though excelling in school and athletics in his youth, he developed a drug and alcohol problem early on. His dream was to go into the military, but he continued to find himself in jails or institutions. After being in and out of many rehabs and substance abuse programs, he discovered Real Recovery. Though he loved where he was from, he took the chance and packed up and moved. He fell in love with the fellowship and camaraderie that Real had to offer. After feeling so hopeless, he soon found himself with multiple years sober and a productive member of society. He then jumped at the opportunity to work for the sober living team that helped save his life. He now strives to better himself each day, and give this same opportunity to the new clients that walk through these doors.

Sober Living Team

Peter Godfrey
Clinical Coordinator

Peter Godfrey possesses a rich work history with substance use disorders, mental health and agency management. He strongly prefers a genuine approach to therapy working as a helper first. Using a systematic process of discovery, focusing on successes, he collaborates with his clients to find strategies that work well to create a healthy lifestyle. He prefers measurable and observable recovery goals that are as “real” as possible.

He received his education from Western Carolina University in the Social Work discipline. He has been working with at-risk populations since 1998, and in the clinical setting for nine years. He brings significant experience in diverse settings such as wilderness therapy, family, court-ordered, child protective services. His therapy clientele has represented the entire spectrum of mental health and substance use disorders. He has a specialization in experiential therapeutic activities that challenge an individual to confront feelings and thoughts that are congruent to those that they will face in recovery.

Peter is originally from Fort Pierce, Florida although he has been in the western NC for about 15 years. He enjoys backcountry sports and being a father of a small child. Peter utilizes his personal life story in his clinical work when appropriate, but in measured amounts. He is a helper in the truest sense; service to others is a lifestyle that he embraces.

Sober Living Team

Ashley Butawan

Ashley spent the first 18 years of her life in St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN until going to college and completing a B.A. in Psychology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After graduating she moved to North Carolina and joined AmeriCorps to develop free programs for underprivileged, at-risk youth. Recognizing she wanted to help others in other ways, she began working in a residential treatment center in Asheville, NC providing direct care and experiential learning opportunities for high school-aged girls’ healing and growth. In that same time, she completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Appalachian State University.

Early on Ashley recognized the various ways that people around her struggled—whether it was to cover basic needs of food and shelter or resorting to substances to ease their suffering. She saw the inherent value in people and wanted to help others see it in themselves. Through self-awareness and a desire for something more, Ashley is continuously determined to push beyond that which has become comfortable for her. She sees her position as one in which she helps others to cultivate awareness of themselves so that they can make a more intentional decision as to how they want to go about their lives. She utilizes modalities based in mindfulness, values, and intention, specifically training in Gestalt Therapy through the Appalachian Gestalt Therapy Institute.

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