Pinnacle House

Structured Recovery for Dual Diagnosis

For Substance Abuse and Mental Health

The occurrence of dual diagnosis continues to rise in the treatment community, particularly among men. When a substance abuse problem is diagnosed, further assessment often reveals an underlying mental health disorder.

With dual diagnosis, substance abuse is often a symptom of a deeper problem that starts with a mental disorder. Men with dual diagnosis need individualized care that takes into account both co-occurring disorders. This is also true regarding sober living and structured long-term care.

Life at Real Recovery

The Real Recovery Solution

At Real Recovery, we work with men who have used drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or another mental illness. We created the Pinnacle Program at Real Recovery specifically for this purpose. The Pinnacle Program provides additional structure and care designed for clients with primary mental health needs and helps men answer this important question: what are the core reasons why they started using drugs or alcohol in the first place?

Because a dual diagnosis client looks different from a client who has only a substance abuse or a mental health problem, having a program devoted to these clients’ specific needs is important to us. We are passionate about helping each man right where he’s at in his recovery, and through our outdoor recovery programs, we have fun too!

The intensive support provided by our on-site mental health specialists makes the Pinnacle Program truly unique. We know that substance abuse is a symptom of a deeper mental health problem, and we help our clients work through these issues to create happy lives and healthy habits in recovery.

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Pinnacle Program Features:

  • Comfortable housing for 4 residents in a beautiful, contemporary home
  • All included benefits provided to Real Recovery residents (food, weekly allowance, outdoor trips and activities, transportation, gym membership, etc. See our payment page for more details)
  • 24/7 trained companion/support
  • Intensive case management related to mental health needs
  • Additional concierge mental health specialty services
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