Women’s Sober Living House


The Grace House, a transitional living program in Asheville, NC, provides the services and comforts that are essential to women, particularly those who are in recovery. It was developed with compassion and care to support women in creating a healthy, balanced, and sober lifestyle. The program prides itself in its safe environment that helps women address those issues most applicable to them and their addiction treatment needs.

With a diverse team of professionals dedicated to comprehensive healing, and the structured recovery community to provide continual guidance, the staff at Grace House will help each woman develop a path to recovery that best suits her individual needs and goals. We strive in healing the whole person – mind, soul, and body, through our sober living transitional housing.

Your days will be centered on group therapy, recovery meetings, and sessions with your counselor. As you navigate recovery, you’ll have the time and space to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

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Grace House Features

  • Expert staff available 24 hours a day
  • Activities, food, and transportation included
  • Morning meditations and wind-downs daily
  • Help with job search (employment must be less than 20 miles from house and hours have to be between 7am – 11pm for transportation)
  • Life skill training and support (resume writing, financial training, time management and creating schedules)
  • Dietician / personal trainer once a week
  • Yoga
  • Frequent group activities, including art therapy, crafts and pottery, as well as focus on self-care, nutrition, health and wellness
  • Monthly hiking trips (March through October)
  • Access to hiking gear, mountain bikes, fly fishing equipment and more
  • No outside visitors other than family for the first 30 days
  • Clients are eligible to have their vehicle after 30 days in the program
  • 8:30am wake-up Monday – Friday, 9am Saturday and Sunday
  • 10:30pm curfew Sunday – Thursday, 11:30pm curfew Friday and Saturday

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